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Re: Quattro Digest V2 #5

> Hello,
>  I just bought a 82 4000 coupe (2.2l) with 140 000 km for $1200cdn.
>  I want to install a small sound system but I need to know where 
>  I can get speakers for the front and rear 4".

Check at Crutchfield. (Dont have the no. with me,
but if you dont have it, email me, and i'll look
for it)

They will supply you with a mounting kit, wiring
harness, etc. for free to match any specific
speaker/stereo to your car.

I had installed Pioneer 6"(?) speakers in the rear
deck of my 5000, and the job was much easier with the 
mounting board supplied by Crutchfield.

They dont have the lowest prices around, but their
shipping is very cheap, and their service is very