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Clutch slave cylinder


Thanks for the reply, and the copy of Zafer's previous posting.

Both were extremely helpful, my clutch is "fixed" for now.

I had already ordered ( Monday ) both a master and slave 
cylinder from PAP, $64 and $32 ea. and had them shipped 
UPS Red. They came in yesterday, and I proceeded to 
replace them both.

The master is replaced, but getting it in and out
took longer than I thought. By the time I got around
to looking at what it would take to rplace the slave,
it was about 9 pm.

The area the slave is located is well blocked by
the turbo coolant pump and the ABS servo system. 
I could work around this, but it would seem that the
slave needs to have about 6 inches of clearance behind
it to allow it to come off the transmission. There is an
obstruction ( found by "FEEL" ) which was later found
in Bently to be the shift lever input to the transmission.

I suspect it will have to be removed and re-installed during
the slave clutch cylinder replacement operation.

Bottom Line: Has anyone here replaced the clutch slave cylinder
on an 86-88? 5k TQ. I have a slave in my garage, and would like
to put it in ( one of these days ).

Alan Cordeiro
'86 5kTQ

P.S. For all those who have'nt, CHANGE THAT FLUID IN THE CLUTCH