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Re: '86 4Kq milage advice needed

On Fri, 3 Mar 1995, Todd Paciorek wrote:
>  I bought an '87 Maserati Biturbo last year as a "good" car and as a driver I grabbed 
> an'86 4000s. Much to my dismay I found I liked driving the Audi better!
> Also: '87 Maserati is for sale - Nice car - someone want it? I'm in Ohio....


Hmmm.. sounds familiar. I have a beautiful '84 biturbo as well. I do love 
the 90 quattro as an all around driver, but the Mas is faster, and 
handles better, and the interior cant compare! But if I had my choice.....:)

P.S.  My '84 will be for sale next week too. Im in Connecticut.