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Re: Borla & new q

Steve:  Thanks for the post...  Hoping we can get more interest in the
borla...  Just fell into a steal at a car dealer for another 5ktq, just
picked up a 86 one owner for less than a song, only 104k on the odo.  Very
tight and perfectly clean engine, excellent body...  Maybe now I can afford
to have a beast down for major tweeks this year...  The exhaust on these cars
are clean welded so my idea is to try a turbo borla muffler without the 2
resonators, if the sound is too obnoxious, then go to the centers...  I
haven't been able to reach the guy ned gave me to call, but I;ll post asap

Still looking to steal a TQC, maybe if i chop 2 drs...