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Thunderhill QCUSA Event CANCELLED

I just got off the phone with Scott Lampkin, who is coordinating the Thunder-
hill QCUSA event.  He told me that the event has been postponed, with the 
estimated new date 26-27 August 1995.  Apparently only 17 entries had been 
received to date.  Scott said that there was not a lack of interest, many 
people were simply not ready yet.  When the event is rescheduled it will be 
open to all comers, and people who have track experience at Thunderhill will 
be able to attend the Sunday, open track portion for a lesser fee.  

He told me that the Quattro Club can be contacted at the "800" number for 
refund information.

Steve Buchholz

Scott did say that the Shelby American Club is having a open track event at 
Thunderhill on the following weekend (3/18-3/19) which is open to all.  The 
number to call for more info is: (408) 374-1298