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[Bob D'Amato: Re: Roll Bars]

I would suspect that this strut brace would *NOT* fit a U.S. 80 or 90.  It
would fit only 4000-series cars (including Coupe & quattro models) up thru
model year 1987.  Remember that when the Europeans refer to 80/90 cars
made before 1988, they're talking about Audi 4000's.

					Chris Idleman
 					'87 Coupe GT

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On Sun, 5 Mar 1995 AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:
> BTW, the latest Demon Tweeks catalog from the UK shows that Sparco makes a
> 3-piece aluminum strut brace to fit the "Audi 80/90 to 1987, incl Coupe and
> Quattro."  The price is 76.12 pounds sterling (approx. $125) plus shipping,
> whatever that might be.  I'm considering ordering one -- it's still cheaper
> than making my own -- and will try to negotiate a volume discount if enough
> other people express interest.

Will it fit the 20V 90??  I would assume so if it fits the coupe....

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