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yet another leaking steering rack...

i've been away from the group for a while;
it's good to see it's still alive and well.

last summer, i had my `84 5000S's steering rack overhauled
after going through numerous tins of pentosin.
the rack had been holding fluid pretty well,
until recently.  it appears that fluid is seeping from
the left/driver's end of one of the two steel lines that
run along the rear of the rack.
my question is: are these steel lines replaceable,
and if so, where can they be obtained.
the rack overhaul seems to be holding up well,
and i'd rather not sink 500$+ into a rebuilt rack
when i don't have to [especially since the grad school stipend
only goes so far these days!].

thanks in advance for any suggestions on this one.


gary rafe