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TQC fuel system wierdness

Hi all,
I have been trying to find the Sunpro engine tool. The couple of auto parts 
places I have checked don't know of it. Is 7678 the right model number? Any 
other numbers someone can give me? Or maybe a description of what it looks 
like? I am looking for it because my 83 TQC started acting funny a few weeks 
ago. Here are my symptoms.

Driving along and I notice the air/fuel LED meter is pegged on rich and not 
moving. Nominal running it is bouncing between lean and stioch(middle). It 
was rich under accel, idle, etc. All of a sudden the engien cuts out for a 
moment, the tach bounces and the meter goes full lean, car acts like it has 
no power. Floor accel, no response. After jabbing at the accel peddal a few 
times the fuel comes back and proceeds to work it way to full rich. It 
repeats this type of behavior a few times. Then finally the car stalls. I 
turn off the ignition and restart and everything is back to normal. A/F 
meter bouncing like normal and car is fine. It repeats this behavior later 
the same day. I haven't drove it too much since then.

At this point I haven't done any diagnostic checkout or even looked into it. 
I am planning on going through the maint & adj manual procedure and seeing 
what turns up. Any thoughts?

I also seem to have a similar electrical anomaly where the oil temp changes 
with voltage. In may case, I have the LED diff lock panel from an 85 4000q 
installed in my 83 TQC and am using the voltmeter and oil temp LED meters. 
It seems that with varying electrical loads, my oil temp can change 50 
degree C on the LED meter. The characteristic is, the lower the system 
voltage, the higher the oil temp. I haven't done anything yet, but have been 
told that I should install a voltage regulator on the supply voltage to the 
oil temp LED bargraph. Is this functioning of the LED bargraph similar to 
what other see in their 4000q's and 85 TQCs? Has anyone had to fix an LED 
display for this behavior?

Looking forward to hearing from you all.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com