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Re: Twitching gauges (was: 82 4000s no start condition - results)

> My next question as I'm about to add a oil pressure gauge, is how can I get 
> my gauges to stop twitching when my stereo hits a bass note?  Turning the 
> volume up has the effects of raising my oil temp. about ten degrees.  Go 
> figure.  And where is the best place to connect the volt meter to get the 
> most accurate reading?

Don't know about '82 4000's, but on the 84-88 5000 series there is a
voltage regulator in the dash whose output is used as a reference
voltage for all the gauges. Its output is something like 3.6 volts (don't
remember exactly though). This voltage regulator's output may be getting
affected by the stereo. How powerful is your stereo? If the current draw
is considerable, then it may be causing a significant voltage drop that
the alternator and its voltage regulator aren't able to keep up with.
You may need an alternator rated to provide higher amps than what you
have. The battery terminals are probably the best place to check the
voltage. Also check the voltage at the alternator output to see if there
is a significant difference. Its possible that cable/terminals/ground
contacts are dirty/corroded causing a voltage drop.

I presume you have a powerful aftermarket stereo. If your stereo is stock,
then I'd suspect bad cable contacts first, then the alternator's voltage
regulator, the alternator's output and the voltage regulator for the gauges,
in that order.