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WTB: used 100/200 in New England, advice


          Time for me to delurk. I'm considering buying a used Audi as
          it seems to be the only car that meet the following

          built for safety (my wife and kids will be in it every day)
          fun to drive :)
          front wheel drive, automatic (wife's requirement)

          I've pretty much narrowed down my search to '89 and 90 200Ts
          and '90 100s. In the Boston area, these are in
          the $10K range or less. I'm looking at two '90 200Ts, both
          with around 60-70K miles, sound clean on the phone...

          I've always driven Volvos and my wife is getting out of a
          Saab. Any thoughts on reliability, things to look for in an
          Audi of this vintage?

          If it were me I'd be getting a quattro wagon, but she
          doesn't want a stick. The 80/90 series are too small, and I
          can't imagine driving an Acura or Baurus...er, Taurus....

          Anyone know of a nice clean used car in New England that
          meets the above criteria?

          I'd appreciate any input you might have.

          Best regards,

          Lee Levitt