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Re: Odometer woes

On Tue, 7 Mar 1995, Brian Terry wrote:

> The odometer (and trip odo) on my 82 coupe  has (have) ceased to function,
> but the speedometer still works.  Are these not using the same cable and
> pick-up?  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

Had the same problem on my 87 4000S.  The speedo/odo do both run off the 
same cable, but the odometers have a tendency to puke long before the 
speedos.  Mine died at about 115k miles.  I found a very cheap used one 
after trying to fix the old one with no avail.  I have yet to find anyone 
who can fix these things, but I suspect it would cost more than what I 
paid for my used one.($35 for the whole dash cluster)

Word of warning:
The speedometers/odometers vary for the year of the vehicle.  I tried to 
install the unit from my wreck '84 into my '87.  They looked *almost* 
identical, and would bolt right in, but were wired differently inside 
resulting in several flashing lights and a buzzer with the ignition in 
the "off" position.   Make sure the unit you get is exactly the saem as 
the one you take out.  Check part numbers or something.