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Re: Audi GT Advise needed / Maserati BiTurbo


If you are worried about having strange problems, stay the hell away from
Maseratis.  They look great, but are unreliable.  As for the GT, I have an
'82 (used to have an '82 5000s) that has been pretty reliable.  Has it had
weird electrical problems?  Yes, but all have been fixed with some time, and
tools no more sophisticated than a mulitmeter, screwdriver, and electrical
tape.  A good service manual with wiring diagrams is key!

With a budget of $5000, you can get a fairly new car, (around southern CT, I
see late 1980's cars in that range) so I would expect fewer problems,
however, when you have them, they will be somewhat more difficult to trace
because of the more advanced electronics.  YMMV