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Re: 85 Audi Quattro

>New to net. Steve Marinello says this is the place to be. Have 1985 Quattro
>that I purchase in Germany. Audi did all kind of neat things to the car, like
>Sport Quattro seats and custom matching gray leather interior. English spec,
>but left hand drive. Also added English performance chip.
>Have questions about Lambda systems. Car was U.S. certified, but after market
>system put in. Car is strong, but starts rich and rough idles. Any

Hey guys:

Remember the thread going through over the last few days about the Euro
and/or Sport quattro setups with regard to the dumping of fuel at low revs
causing the rich mixture?  Will that party kindly repost it for Paul and
maybe expound upon it?  By the way, his car does have the Euro manifold, so
it has that "advantage".  My question is whether he can fix his problems by
adopting a U.S. ECU to his car.  

Don't know how much HP he's running with that setup, but when he found me
my '83 in CA and I went out there to get it, he blew me away big time on
freeway on-ramps.  (Yeah, I know...anything will blow 160 HP away....).