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Re: In search of a SunPro Meter...

>    Soon after Steve B. first posted the existence and purchase history on 
> his meter, I went searching for one myself.   Armed with his supplied 
> part/model number I headed for Sears.  Unfortunately, they had no knowledge 
> of such a tool in their hardware/tools dept.  I checked with their 
> automotive people, and was informed that they haven't carried/stocked any 
> other vendors meters for several years.  The only things they had were some 
> Craftsman stuff that didn't fit the bill.
>    If anyone comes up with some other location or mail order place that 
> carries this hard-to-find beast, please post.  So far I, and at least Dave 
> Lawson, have drawn blanks on locating any.
> Stott
Well ... I guess I might be able to help out.  It turns out that two of my
wife's brothers work in fields that are good to have around when you own
and work on an Audi.  One of them works for an auto parts store and the 
other for an automotive tool supplier.  I found out that the parts store 
just started carrying SunPRO, and he can get a hold of the CP7678.  His
unit price is rather high, $139.99, but he said that if we can get a group
of 3 or more together for a single purchase he can lower the price to $111.
You would have to pay CA sales tax in addition.  I'm pretty sure that the
price at Sears was ~$100.  My BIL also told me that there is a SunPRO 
CP7676 which has a single unit price of ~$85.  This model has the 5-cyl 
dwell, but only one tach range (X10), and no duty cycle mode.  (As was
pointed out before this function can be computed from a dwell reading).
Get back to me directly via e-mail (or phone) if you'd like me to do this.

The other BIL carries Assenmacher Specialty Tools, which sells a number
of the standard VW/Porsche/Audi/Bosch tools.  If interested I might be able
to set up some sort of discount with his company for the group ...

Steve Buchholz
(408) 456-6244