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No Subject

On March 7 Rob Mundo wrote:

<From: Robert Mundo <74237.1355@compuserve.com>
<On March 7 Rob Mundo wrote:Date: 07 Mar 95 12:40:27 EST
<Subject: Personal Intro.- 90QC20V

<Hello to all!  I am introducing myself as a mediator for a good friend
<of mine who owns a 90 Quattro Coupe 20V.  His Q is Red, 5-spd, 35k
<miles,and sunroof.

< We are curious if anyone has the production numbers of 1990 and 1991
<Audi Quattro Coupes that were imported into the States.

According to Peter Fraser, a former Coupe Quattro owner, his Audi exec buddy 
reported the following sales:

calender 1989: 605
cal 1990: 912
cal 1991: 364
cal 1992: 58 (all '91's)

for a grand total of 1939 sold.

Also, Peter was right on the mark about what is available for performance 
modifications.....not much.  TAP had a cylinder head modification that put 
out 214 HP, for around $2300.  They can no longer get the cams, however.  
Ned Ritchie installed a 20V turbo motor in a '90 coupe, Ned said he was into 
it for around $12K.

Alex Chernushin
'90 Coupe Quattro