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Re: Audi GT Advise needed / Maserati BiTurbo

On Wed, 8 Mar 1995, Bob D'Amato w> > > 
> > Well I have had one since 87 and it is not reliable at all.  I think 10yr 
> > old girls put the electicals in.  It sounds good but that is about it
> > 
> How many engines? I dont want to turn this into a pissing contest, and 
> the sarcasm we can do without. FYI the v6 in the SM is the same engine as 
> the biturbo.  ...and you consider fiat better than Maserati. I have had a 
> 124 spyder for 15 years, and it hasnt been care free. The Maserati has. I 
> guess it all depends on how you take care of your cars. My cousin has 
> 150,000 on his Yugo, and my neighbor cant get 30,000 out of his Mercedes 
> 500. He beats the hell out of it though.
> bob
> FYI the SM v6 is not in any way whatsoever similiar to the biturbo engine
completely different.  I dont know what you consider the same but the 
only thing that they share are the name Maserati.  Maserati engineer 
Alfieri sliced two cylinders off of their 4 Liter V8 to create the SM engine.
The biturbo was a new design for that car I believe.  
I dont consider fiat better than Mazerati but I would think that there 
are more Fiats with higher mileage than most Maseratis could ever achieve.
Except for Fiat spyders, they are not much better than yugos.  Anyone 
that owns one usually has about 10 in the backyard keeping one running.

Also if you still say that the biturbo is the same as the SM Explain to me
how thousands of SM owners cannot get that kind of mileage because of the 
engines apetite for primary chains and accelerated wear because of 
torsional flutter in the camshafts.  

A yugo with that kind of mileage is simply fucking amazing, 1. that 
someone would drive one that many miles to begin with.  2. isnt that a 
record for yugo.  

Now to relate this to audi.  I have never been stranded by an Audi, it 
has always got me home even with amazing engine failures.  I have been 
stranded by numerous Italian cars, Maserati being the winner( I think 
that is why biturbos are worth 10% of their orginal price?)Ferrari being 
a close 2nd.

Better stop before I dribble on myself.