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     RE: maximizing defrosting

     Last night, ahead of a major cold front passing through Washington DC,
     I was out in our new (to us) 1990 200 Quattro Wagon. There were heavy
     rains, and high humidity.

     We followed the owner's manual instructions for defrosting, which is
     pretty simple-push the defrost button. I also manually set the fan to
     high. The defrosting capability was marginal-finally I vented the
     sunroof to clear things up a bit.

     Two questions:

     My Acura Integra would allow you to manually put the A/C on in defrost
     situations to assist in reducing the interior humidity, regardless of
     exterior temperature. Is this happening automatically in the Audi? I
     can find no way to manually turn on the A/C.

     Is there an optimum configuration of the interior vent controls that
     people have discovered to direct maximum air to the windshield and
     side windows? There is no mention of this in the manual.

     Incidently, when the rain turned to hail, and formed a crunchy cover
     on the road. I was very thankful for Quattro and ABS...

     Thanks for any tips..

     Tom Forhan

     70 911T->70 911S->74 911->87 Acura Integra----\
                                                    90 200 Quattro Wagon
     63 VW Bus->70 F-150 4x4 ->87 Civic 4x4 Wagon--/