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Re: Audi GT Advise needed / Maserati BiTurbo

On Thu, 9 Mar 1995, Philip J Ethier wrote:

> Mikes Garage writes > 
> > Except for Fiat spyders, they are not much better than yugos.  Anyone 
> > that owns one usually has about 10 in the backyard keeping one running.
> The Yugo *is* a FIAT.  In fact, the Yugo version has the advantage that it
> does not rust out as fast as the FIAT version because it is stamped from
> cheaper, but thicker, steel.  
> phil.ethier@stpaul.gov

And you can still get parts for a Yugo! :)  Oddly enough, I scrounged 
parts from an old Yugo for FI, and ingnition module, they are the same as 
my 4000Q. Sacrelige!
(I just dont tell anyone I got parts from a Yugo to put into "my toy")