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New 83 TQC owner!!!

Howdy all,

I just picked up an 83 TQC from California.  It's Gold, with 120K, rebuilt 
motor 25K ago, and no rust to speak of.  I had some questions for yall, and 
look forward to hearing from ya.  Unfortunately, time limits me from being a 
regular on the Quattro list, so if you could reply to me at: 
 jgoeke@hq.walldata.com  I would really appreciated it!  THANKS IN ADVANCE!

When driving it back to it's new home in Bothell WA, I noticed the car used 
about 1 quart in the 1300 mile trip.  Is that normal, or should I be looking 
for something to fix.  My 84 4000Q used about 1 every 3000 or so.

I also now notice whenever I hop on it (boost on!!!  :-) ) and run it up to 
4K, the motor then cuts out abruptly.  Kinda like a rev limiter, but more 
abrupt.  Seems to be something with the turbo system.

It also has a problem starting (flooding I think) when left sitting from 
around 1/2 to 3 hrs.  Hot and cold no problem.

The leather front seats and steering wheel are heavily sun damaged.  Is 
there some leather products out there to help rejuvenate leather, or is 
simple saddle soap, or mink oil the trick.

One last question.  I know these turbos like to be warmed up and cooled 
down.  How long do I need to just let it run for awhile at start and finish, 
or is just putting easily (boost gauge not moving up) adiquate as well.

Thanks again!   ---JCG