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Roster Update - FINALLY

Greetings Once Again

It's been a while (several months, in fact) but your friendly
(or is that fiendly?) roster recorder is finally ready to put
out an updated Quattro Roster again.  I plead guilty.  I have
been derelict.  I have excuses...  

1.	I've been sick.
2.	I've been workin' real hard.
3.	I've been real stoopid.  (Can you spell "del *.*;*", friend?)
 	I had to recreate the entire document.  Duh.
4.	All of the above.

Take your pick.  I am going with #4.  That's my excuse and I'm
stuck (oops) sticking with it.

A recent version probably with significant omissions and/or
errors should be on majordomo at present.  If you are interested
in being included in an updated roster, please follow this

1.	Send mail to MAJORDOMO@coimbra.ans.net with:

	get quattro roster_long
	as the message.

2.	Check over the returned Roster to see if you are already on
	it and/or if you would like to make any changes in your listing.

3.	Using about the same format as in the roster send me your new
	entries and/or corrections or changes.

4.	Give me a while and I'll do my best to get out another update
	before too long.

There is also a Roster_short which I will update at the same
time.  You can get it in essentially the same way from majordomo
as you get roster_long.  I will create the short form from the
longer form you send me.  You don't need to bother with it

I'll send out a notice as soon as Majordomo has the new versions
in two or three weeks.

Bob  __________________________________________________      ^_____^
    | Robert L. (Bob) Myers  <RMyers@WVNVMS.WVNET.EDU> |    /       \
    |__________________________________________________|   (  O _ O  )
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