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Re: SunPro CP7678

On Mar 10,  3:16pm, Stott Hare wrote:
> Subject: SunPro CP7678
> In response to Michael Spiers success at purchasing one at Sears, could you
> do the group one or two favors?  Look at your receipt and see what product
> code they rang the SunPro up under.  This may give the rest of us a better
> chance at finding one at our local Sears.  Here you are, oh intelligent
> clerk, ring this number into your computer and then tell me whether you have
> it or not...  Otherwise, could you post the phone number for your Sears? I
> may attempt to purchase one from them and have them ship it either to me or
> the idiots at my local Sears.
> Stott
> 82 4000s
>-- End of excerpt from Stott Hare

I'll get the part number tonight and post it tommorow morning.  I'll also check
on the phone number.  I'd be willing to bet that a lot more Sears have them,
and the sales droids just don't know it (or care!)

87 5000CS TQ