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Re: FS: 4 5000S wheels

Hairy green toads from Mars made Jason Maddocks say:
> Four 14 x 6j 4-108 alloy wheels from an '88 5000s for sale.  They have been
> well cared for and look great.
> $225 (+ shipping*) or best offer
> *The wheels are currently with my fiancee in the DC area (Columbia, MD), and 
> I'm going to grad school in Boston, so you can save on shipping if you just
> want to pick them up at either place (I'll be going down there in a week and
> a half to get married).  I can also ship them anywhere.

Congrats on getting married. Coming up on 6 months myself.
Will this be a two-Audi household?

Anyway, are these wheels the BBS basket-weave wheels, or
the other alloys (flat)?

Also, does anyone know if these will fit:
	1) an '89 100Q (4-bolt, 108mm 6J15's)
	2) a '90 90Q20V (4-bolt, ???mm 6J14's)


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