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Help ! Car immobilized (well, close..)

	Well, it's finally happened.  On the way in to work just now, the
	front end and steering started shaking violently -- it was fine
	when I started out, and started about 20 minutes into my commute.
	I limped into the Pixar parking lot with hazard lights blinking,
	and I seriously doubt if the car can be driven home this evening.

	Symptoms summarized:

	1. Strong, low-frequency shake both in steering wheel and
	front-end: almost as if all the lug nuts on the wheel had
	worked loose.

	2. Seems to disappear while coasting, and I seem to be able
	to make it go away briefly by turning the steering wheel
	to and fro.  Starts again if I hit rough pavement.

	3. I thought I heard some sounds from the right front side.

	I suspect that the right wheel bearing has given up the ghost
	catastrophically. I did the left last year, but it degraded quite
	gracefully and noisily.  I had only recently started to hear
	faint noises from the right side.

	What do you folks think? Anyone seen anything like this?  Help
	would be greatly appreciated.