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Re: Chips?

On Mar 11, 12:40am, Robert Phillips wrote:
> Subject: Re: Chips?
> On Fri, 10 Mar 1995, Rob Reesor wrote:
> > I've seen Ohtsu tires car tires fairly frequently over the last few years.
> > also are the manufacturer of Falken, which I have on both of my cars.
> >
> > -- Rob
> What's the hot model of Alken's to get?  They are pretty reasonable in
> price and might be in the running.
> 			---Bob
>-- End of excerpt from Robert Phillips

I don't know the model off hand. I'll try to remember to look tonight and post
tomorrow. Otherwise, remind me.

I was trying to decide on a set of tires and was looking at Michelin, Dunlop,
and Pirelli. I don't recall the models, but they were competitive to the
Pirelli P4000, I think. Anyway, I asked the sales guy what his personal
recommendation was of these three and he said he'd go for the Falkens since
they were comparable and $20 per tire less. I ended up putting them on both
cars and am very happy with them.

-- Rob

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