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Re: DRL mods

hmmmm...  We get the challenges here....  Not wure why you wouldn't just get
yourself those small Pia ions and do the relay thing...  Got another idea for
you, what I did was to get the turn signal  hologen conversion from hella,
and put a 5w halogen bulb from the Bosch accessory lite (interior map lites
with arms), plug this into your parking light socket in your headlights...
 This gives the impression that the lights are more than parking, doesn't
piss people off (like when I tried the 20w!), doesn't put an unreasonable
load on your car when parking lites left on...  Gives the impression that
they are daytime running lites with no wiring involved...  All for about
$60.00 and 20min...  If this isn't brite enough, you can go to a 10w bulb...

Going your way...  There should be a pin that gives you parking lites when
your ignition switch is off and headlites on...  Should be an easy way to
pull that pin from the harness, just pull the wheel the whole switch assembly
comes out as one unit, a little time with a voltmeter/test lite should
isolate the pin...  Just happen to have that assembly in front of me (now you
got me thinkin) BTW...  Looks like a no can do becuz there is only 1 pin for
the PL on the switch, so you'll have to pull the riveted switch apart...
 looks like a big project for some interesting goals...  maybe a relay
interrupt would help you here, but "why" keeps coming to mind...  Would also
consider what would be involved in putting this mod back when you sell the
car, liability prob...