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Re: Honda V6

Back to that apples to oranges thing...  The v6 accord engine is:  1)  Due to
be replaced with a new one in a year cuz the current one is out of the
legend, and is very expensive to build (haven't seen so many gizmos operating
24valves since the V-tec) and 2) the new minivan is only offered with a four
banger, and the 6 will probably take a back seat (cool the way it disappears
on the honda tho) to filling the accord demand, my guess is, not till 97 at
the earliest....  I have a couple accords in the extended family, and all I
will say is that, look at it like a bic,  it does the job it's asked to do,
looks good doing it, but when it's useful life is over, don't refill
(rebuild) it and/or modify it...  Just retire it to a nice pail...  Heck, my
brother put $1g into a susp kit for his accord, went to align it and found
there's no camber adj...  The audi's and BMW, tho far from perfect, at least
admit to the fact that parts will fail and need service, so why not engineer
that admission into the design of the parts...  

Too much coffee this morn' I guess

dock my .02