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Re: 4000q turbo motor

>>cheap in comparison...  My thinkin is that the reason no one jumps on this 
>>that grabbing a road 5ktq is not that much more expensive than the 4kq
>>(chicago the diffferential is 1300 to 2000, that doesn't give you much 
>>money, by the time you buy that engine bay...  And you have air for the 

>I was just thinking...could you transplant a VW G-60 engine in there? I was
>think of this for my GTI. A yard out here is willing to sell EVERYTHING I
>would need for 1600. Very tempting! But I'm broke.
>Chad Shepherd

One of the more interesting (perplexing?) engine swaps I have heard was from 
the Audi parts place in Rancho Cordova, CA, German Auto Recycling. I was 
calling around checking on the prices of some parts and we got talking. The 
fellow there told me about a guy who was replacing the turbo engine in his 
85 TQC with a VW VR6 engine. He was getting the VR6 and all needed parts 
from GAR. Why, why, why? I have heard the VR6 is a nice engine, but into a 
TQC??? Would it then be a V6QC? or maybe a vr6-q?
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com