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Re: v8 vs s4

i think i will give the nod to the s4.  i have not driven the 5sp v8, but
i know how hard the v8 pulls when the torque convertor has locked up.  the
v8 needs 4000 rpm to go really hard, the s4 2000. 'nuff said.  i think
that the s4 equipped with the 4.2 v8 and 5 speed would be the real killer
car tho.  they don't sell it in many places, not even in the UK. 

the reality is that you will never find a s4 racing with a v8 on the
street.  both drivers will probably be saluting one another for having
fine taste for cars.. :) :)

given some open road and/or high speed sweepers, the big quattros
are very hard to catch for 90% of the riff raff.  3 series bimmers
are fun to dispose of,  but i get wicked pleasure watching the
faces of these "formula 1 inspired" integra punks sliding all
over the road when challenged in a curve. 

in the case of the bimmers i think a good driver would probably beat me,
but they do not impart the same feeling of security as a quattro and are
probably not driving anywhere near the limit. 

the smaller audis usually give lots of respect though i did encounter
a hard charging 20v coupeQ.  neither was embarassed by the other.
the v8 actually feels like it shrinks when pushed hard, which is a
mark of a good car.  unfortunately, the sight of a big car flexing
its muscles usually scares off a lot of people.

the s4 has a well deserved reputation as the audi to have money-no-object.
the v8 however, i think is underrated and far more subtle.  it is not
until you've had it for some time before all of its virtues become very
apparent.  i'd much rather have an underrated car than an overrated one. 
yes, mine has been very reliable since the 50K warranty expired.  my
wallet is still smiling.