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Re: Prices for a wheel hub & bearing kit

On Mon, 13 Mar 1995, Dan Simoes wrote:

> Maybe.  Are you sure it's the hub?  Did he remove the bearing, examine
> the hub and pronounce it bad?  If not, start with the bearing and
> IF it turns out the hub is shot too (which if you caught it early
> it shouldn't be) you can always get it.

> If it's faint, do it ASAP to avoid having to buy the hub.

   When I picked up the car yesturday, I asked him if he was sure the hub 
was bad. He said he wouldn't know until he does the job, but he feels it 
is because of the lenght of time the bearing has been bad. (We're talking 
about 7-8 months) 

   As for the sound being faint, nope. Sometimes you can hardly talk with 
someone sitting in the backseat. IF I had the time, I would have had him 
take everything apart and then order what I need. But I'm going on 
vacation Sunday, so it has to get done Friday. The only thing I can think 
to do is ask him not to replace it unless it needs to and then see if I 
can return the hub.