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Trans problem (cont)

Hello again,

My saga continues with my oil leak in my 1990 80Q. My mechanic thinks
that the oil leak is the rear main seal. :(  The car has 80K miles
on it. It sounds early for such a big problem.

He said that is not the biggest problem, though. I had him replace
the three belts (AC, Pwr Steering, and Alternator), because they are
in bad shape. I had the 60K service done 7 months ago and would have
assumed that the other mechanic would have changed them then. Is that
a good assumption?

Even worse, this new mechanic says that the timing belt is loose, a very
dangerous thing. I now wonder whether the timing belt was changed at 
that 60K service. I paid $700 for that service because my mechanic said
that the timing belt should be changed...and while you've got it off I
should do the water pump at the same time. This mechanic wants $200 to
remove the timing belt cover and inspect and adjust it.

My question is: am I getting ripped off, or are these assumptions valid?
Especially this new mechanic who says he can see, through an access hole
in the cover, that the timing belt is loose. Help!