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Now, I've been monitoring the ongoing tire battle for quite some time, but I
have a need that has yet to be addressed.  My (her, whatever) 84 5kS needs new
tires.  I'm not interested in spending big money on them, right now it's
running Yokohama 382 All Seasons.  These have been pretty decent, considering
what I paid for them ($40.95/tire.)  Are these about as good as I can expect?
 The car had Goodyear Invicta's on it for a while, and they were absolute
garbage.  I also had Pirrelli Psomethings, which weren't bad but didn't wear as
well as the Yokohama's have.  The car is not driven hard around corners (she's
kind of a wimp behind the wheel) so that part doesn't matter.  But, I want the
car to do well in rain & snow.  Mind you, this is going to be an inexpensive
purchase.  I was pretty happy with the Yokohama's, anyone suggest anything
else?  TIA for any suggestions.

87 5000CS TQ