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Re: 4000q motor swaps

   >   Well, I once made the same mistake myself, so I figured I'd point out 
   > your understandible mistake.  Ur-quattros are simply Hatchback 
   > impersonators. Right down to that line that goes up and arond the top 
   > window immitating the edge of a hatch.  The rear window is in fact fixed. 

It does "flex" (bow out) nicely, though, when you close the doors (speaking
of airtight German cars, did I ever mention that I once almost got fired for
asking my then-boss if his wonderful new Porsche 924 floated like other

   > The car has a legitmate (but somewhat small) trunk. The rear deck is 

It's got a very cute little trunklette. It even holds my rifle case.

   > hinged at the bottom edge of the window and has a proficiency for wearing 
   > out gas lift struts and, subsequently, owner's arm muscles... 

I live in almost constant dread of that lid coming slamming down on me one
day . . .

   No kidding? Thats neat! I never knew that.. thats definatly on the plus 
   side. It must be a tiny trunk! Admittedly I always had this huge weak 
   spot for the UrQ, but it just isnt practical for my everyday car. Im 
   searching for one as my 'toy'

But that 24Gal gas tank gives ya some cruisin' range! Easy 500 [legal] hi-
way miles!