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Re: Central locking and gas smell ....

On Wed, 15 Mar 1995, Evangelos Tozakoglou wrote:

> I have also noticed a gas smell lately. I believe it comes from the gas
> accumulator. I can't see any leaks, and I can only smell it when the car
> is running. Is it normal or the begining of a future inferno ?

I had this problem in my 87 4ks.  I noticed a strong odor especially 
right after I shut the car off.  It seems that the good old Ohio road 
salt had rusted my fuel lines.  It wasn't enough to see a drip, but it 

The fuel lines, on mine anyway, are routed through rubber bushings that 
are secured by an aluminum clip.  It seems that the rubber held water and 
caused the steel line to rust.  See if you can see even a little bit of 
wetness around all of the fuel line clips.  Be careful though, Audi 
routes the little clips in the damnedest of places, and mine was leaking 
clear up in the engine compartment behind the exhaust manifold.  This 
was, of course, the place that was the hardest to access.