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Re: Coupe vs. sedan

>As previously mentioned by glen, Bob and Neal:

>>>   standard leather interior
>>        Prefer velour beleive it or not.
>ur-Qs had a standard cloth interior. I've only seen
>two of these, though, and I recall at least one
>of them didn't have a sunroof.

>The leather interior is indeed an option on model year 83s, the 
>brown/green/orange velour was standard. Most ur-Qs came with >leather, but
>you look hard enough, you might see an 81/82/83 with the velour. >On 84 and 
>85s, leather was standard.

 I feel a bit responsible for the clamor that has ensued since I mentioned
the 4000q turbo project. I'll try to sum it up with a few thoughts....

As a coupe and a sedan owner, I can say that I prefer the practicality of the
sedan bodystyle. It's very user-friendly! My impetus for the 4000q turbo
project was raising the power output of the 4000q without overboring the
block. It's also, as Glen said, a great tech challenge. I've seen only one
out in the wild, so it's possible, not necessarily easy! 

I love the lines of the TQC, it's as breathtaking to look at 12 years later
as I'm sure it was at it's introduction! Mine's got the unusual velour
interior, I understood it was almost a delete option to remove leather from a
$35,600 car! 

  -Chris Semple