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VW Quantum Timing Belt job

I hope I don't offend anyone by posting this here - it's not a quattro,
but it's almost an Audi 4000...and my boyfriend's Quantum is almost
a quattro because it's a syncro...close enough?

A month ago I bought an '88 VW Quantum (i.e., 5 cyl. Audi engine).
The car looks & runs great, so I'm very happy with it. :-)
It has 90,000 miles.  Since it was bought from a reseller who
bought it from a dealership where it was traded in, I do not
have access to service records for it, unfortunately.  (Of course,
I had it examined by a garage I trust before buying.)  Since I
don't have records, I think I must assume that it's my responsibility
to perform any preventative maintenance appropriate for this stage of
the car's life (no way to know whether it's been done already...) -
the current case in point being the replacement of the timing belt.

I'd be very appreciative for answers to any of the following questions:

1.  How much should I expect to pay for replacement of the timing belt?
(parts & labor inclusive)

2.  Would you recommend that I replace the water pump as a matter of
course, or only if it shows signs of wear?  (I am told that the water
pump acts as the tensioner in this engine.)

3.  Are there other things you recommend addressing while the engine
is dismanteled for this job?  Valve cover gasket?  Seals, O-rings, etc.?
Would you do these regardless, or only if they show signs of seepage/

Thank you!


'74 SuperBeetle (retired :-( )
'88 Quantum Sedan :-)