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Re: Tires

 > What do the speed ratings mean?  The tires on the '84 are S rated, 
 > the ones on my Quattro are V rated, I've also seen H ratings and 
 > Z ratings.  What does each equal?
 > -Mike
 > 87 5000CS TQ

Stolen from http://www.metrics.com/vw/faq/tires.html (referenced in a
previous post):

  H=  Speed Rated Code
        (H means it is rated for speeds up to 240 Km/hr or KPH for short
periods of time. The Michelin brochure adds that the tires must be normally
loaded and properly inflated as well.)
P=150, Q=160,R=170,S=180,T=190,U=200,H=210,V=240,Z>240 km/h
(Americans can multiply by .6214 to get mph and round it off)

Just curious, but for the same model tire and size, what manufacturing 
differences are there between, say, an H-rating and a V-rating?  Which 
of the extra improvements in V-rated tires benefit handling at speeds 
below 150 mph? Will that $10-20 extra get me better steering response, 
linear (predictable) breakaway, etc.?

-- Eddi