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Re: Cat heat shield rattling

On Thu, 16 Mar 1995, Steven Buchholz wrote:

> I had a more obvious rattle on the 5KQ shortly after I bought it.  I found that 
> the heat shield for the catalytic converter had come loose and was rattling.  
> The shield is part of the cat, and I'll be dog-gonned (or equiv) if I'm gonna 
> buy a new cat just to fix this.  I took an appropriate hose clamp (sufficient 
> diameter and rather wide) and cinched it down around the shield on the side of 
> the cat closest to the engine.  Fixed the problem right up!

Thanks Steve. It is clearly an exhaust rattle, (or associated parts), 
thankfully not motor mount etc.  Since I cant crawl under it (I cant even 
get a floor jack under it!) Ill wait till I get to the shop and put it 
up. If it;s the shield, should I just be able to tack weld it? It isnt 
stainless is it? (then I have to tig it..)
Thanks again!

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