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*Volvo Rules!!! Rules what?

              I completely understand.  Every time I get caught behind a volvo
I feel like tearing the hair out of my head.  I am convinced that Volvos have s
uch a great safety record because none of it's owners drive over 45 mph.

             I don't mean all volvo owners are this way, it's just the "typical
 volvo owner" I'm talking about.  I do remember a Bertone desighned 780 coupe,
being very attactive and decently quick.  It looked more like a Maserati than a
 volvo.  But, I will give Volvo credit for their recent change-for the best-in
image.  The new 850 and 960's look alright.
           --I could be wrong, but wasn't the Audi 100 the safest car in it's c
lass for a while?   I think I remember it being the subject of an Audi commerci
al about a year or so ago.