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Re: toys

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> E:  Yep 3 in a year in IL and you go plead your license priv to the judge,

Ahhhh, in honor of this gloriaus day, the day of me namesake, himself, may
I offer these words to ponder? " Points, the gift that *keeps-on* giving"

Oh yes...one more:  "Lawyer"

Normally, the development of the connection between these thoughts would be left
as an exercise for the student, but today I must be magnanimous and go straight
to the crib sheet.  Getting a Lawyer won't save you (much if anything) in the
way of the fine & court costs, and will cost $250-350, but it almost always
will save the *Points*!  (Oh Sh*t, I forgot to give you the other word that
makes sense out of this, so her it is:  *Insurance*)

Ok, school's out.  Now go out an' get yer skirts up over yer heard like me
namesake'd want ya t'do...

B. Patrick Chambers