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Those H's

Confused...   Went to a 2 day seminar on this one bob, here goes The H4 is
considered the best Hi/Low beam Halogen, mostly cuz the filiment is up down
N/S with the bulb, where H3's (the worst) are usually sideways...  The
difference is that the beam pattern can be controlled much better optically
with a spot (looking at the bulb head on installed) than a "spread" ...  The
H3 is one of the more common bulbs in the factory lights, mostly cuz it's
intention is to be a driving/fog...  Those thats knows argue that the pattern
from a fog (wide/ sharp Horizontal cutoff) and a Driving (narrower longer
throw ,no sharp cutof, but no "hot spot") and a Pencil (spot light, very
narrow, usually use 1 aimed between the drivings.  Alone or in pairs tends to
create "hot spots" (more spec blind spots where the beam isn't)) are three
distinct animals.  Fogs should be a 55 H1 with a clear or amber lens (amber
gives more depth, good for snow, heavy fog...  Clear gives about 10% more
light than amber and is good for rain and light to med fog).  I've seen the
H1 in 55,85,100,110,130w.  The best light will be either a h1 55w or a H1 100
in drivings...  If you get better visability with a higher wattage, the
argument is you bought the wrong light for your needs...   Hologen is a very
"white light" and once you pass 100w you start picking up reflection from the
air you're trying to pierce...  The H2 is bulb for your existing euro hi
beams, just a H1 with a little different mounting...  The H3, is a nono...
 Just avoid it, your better off with h1 fogs than h3 fog/driving...  Seen 3's
in 55\85\100w, don't do it...  The H4 is specifically for the hi/low and
comes in 45/65 (what most cars are stock) 55/65,55/85,55/100,55/110,55/130,
80/100,80130 and probably missed a few combos here....  Now what the us cars
are doing with the 900(n) series, is giving you different mounting bulb and
socket, an most use the cheaper E/W filament and internal bulb reflector to
compensate...  9004 were only available in 55/65 for a long time until Rally
guru Gene Henderson (competition limited) found a source to make him the
combos you see now 55/(n's), and 80/(n's)...  These are better than your
stock lighting, but the euro H4 are still better...  Now with all the
different aero headlights (from the old 4X6 sq and 51/4 and 7inch standards)
not all of us can do the euro lights conversions anymore (were illegal in
fact, were brought to the us as "motorcycle lights"), so Gene does a great
business....  Tried them myself and went back to stock, but lots of folks had
good things to say, won't dipute it, I just have had the pleasure of driving
the ultimate for comparison....   I won't get into the quartz ion, unless
someone wants to know, figgr I probably confused you enough  :~)....

Watch out, light nerd....  Phazers on