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Re: Audis versus the rest

944 wasn't a turbo tho, bet, cuz in 1990 wasn't apples to apples compare, the
turbo was still in the 20k range... that was the post...  AWD is a neat
addition, but the boys at torsen-gleason have redefined the rwd movement...
 AWD is great for high horsepower apps, but even with my 320-350hp, I don't
consider this hi enough horsepower, cuz it's still too controlable...   The
eclipse is a nice machine for what it is, but my argument is the same, given
the bucks there's a heck of a lot of bang to be had out there, regardless of
your perfomance criteria....  But, then, if everyone bought that 944t or
944ts, I'd have to get a tqc for the garage instead.....  Bummer   :)