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Re: Q-ship mods

Ned's chip gives you 60hp, the schrick 272 gives you another 20-25, start
there on a 5ktq...  Call ned re your quest, you'll find that a 86-88 5ktq
wagon is more tweekable and bullet proof than the 200tq, and the price is
much less...  Around here a 200tq goes in the same range 14-17k, but a wagon,
good luck, I looked for one for 3 yrs b4 I settled on the 5ktq tweeks, the
best price I saw was 19000 and that was with over a 100k on it!  Most guys
that have them know what they have, prices hover in the 22-26 range, way too
much considering a 5ktq wagon at 9000 will get you one of the best out
there...  Plus enough extra in your wallet to smoke the 200's

My .o2