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Re: more Ta'rs questions...

On Fri, 17 Mar 1995 Peter_C_Schulz@ccmail.ed.ray.com wrote:

> I had always been told that the best tires for snow are those that are 
> narrow and tall with plenty of small and deep elements (siping) to break 
> up the snow and "punch thru" it. 

You are correct on your assumptions (as far as I learned... even in 
racing school). But the one major component that was overlooked was the 
rolling radius of the tires. Since he is a truck, and you say they are 
'oversized' Im assuming balloon tires or height oversized, not width, His 
tires probably come up to your waist. The angle of attack on the snow is 
less on his than on our 14 or 15" rims. (even tho he is still 14 or 15" 
he has HUGE sidewalls)


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