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re: Re: Portland, OR Quattro Club event

Eliot Lim <eliot@u.washington.edu> Wrote:
| [lots deleted]
| so do you think that sports cars are better off or worse off 
| with AWD?
| :)


In the wet I don't think any RWD or FWD car could match the AWD cornering
capability with all else being equal. Unfortunately many AWD cars sold are 
heavy and don't have the low  weight/HP that many RWD "Sport Cars" have. 
High HP RWD or FWD cars, especially FWD, are obviously handicapped with 
wheel spin in wet conditions and even in some dry conditions. 

My estimated 220HP FWD 5000 car can not use the full HP/Torque in first or 
second gear when wet conditions prevail. Even in dry conditions it is a 
handful in the lower gears. 

I would like to have (in the future) a 91 200TQ or S4 with around 350 
reliable HP. It rains so much around here in Portland that AWD seems to be 
a must have.
Scott M.