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And those lurking, like deer in the night...  will eventually run head to
head with the professional speeder...  The statistics are definitely not in
my favour, but hi risk (speed), hi return (grins)...  Stopped my timed speed
runs to northern mi 9after an average speed (including stops) of 95+ for 4
hours straight...  Have the utmost respect for the boys in blue, thank
goodness all my stops have been cordial and lacking cuffs, q oowners after
all, are the most familiar with the phrase "it only money"...  My theory is
anyone stopped over a 100 and can post a story, faired exceptionally well...
  :)...  Not a guy that's proud of what I got away with, and have plenty of
stories, speed is just one of my addictions in the fun driving equation, I do
however, keep my toys at 110% of their abilities 100% of the time, spend way
too much on tires and lights and stealth devices...