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Re: lightin'

Might try gene henderson, he might be able to direct you to a cibie dealer
that still has them in stock...  I've got 5 or 6 myself, but sorrry to say
I'm not willing to part with them.....  Probably go on the 86...  Yes, the
oscars came from france in amber/clear fog, driving and pencil beam, a quick
removal of the lens mounting ring and some metal clips on the lens and
presto, changed lite pattern (used to switch to amber fog in heavy snow/fog
runs to MI.   I can give you the exact dimensions if you need to measure
clearance...  Check around who used to be a Cibie/Marshall dealer in your
area, bet someones still got em....  Be careful on the pencils, they put out
quite a hot spot, suggest 1 pencil 55 or 100w, and two drivings with 100w,
these three will mount between your headlights pretty easily....  most states
have a 6 lite limit (operational, covers off) for the open road, btw...