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Re: Turbo Quattro Coupe Wastegate

On Fri, 17 Mar 1995, Bruce Hochuli wrote:
> 1.) When I turn off my engine after about 30 minutes of
>     freeway speeds, it will either 'fart' out the tail
>     pipe or let out a mighty backfire. Since I have

   My 83 ur-q also had this problem and I could never figure out 
what caused it. However, after having my cylider head redone the problem 
has gone away. I cant explain it, but I cant complain either. In the 
process of head replacement I eliminated several vacuum leaks, repaired 
leaking exaust manifold (head to man. gaskets), ad increased the tension 
on my wastegate spring.  I'm not sure which one of these was responsible 
for the backfire, but I haven't experienced it since. The only thing that 
was done to my wastegate was to increas spring tension slightly (still 
only bringing boost up to 10 psi) so perhaps your wastegate is not the 
 Hope this helps.
 Rod Wiggins