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ABS sensor problem

Welcome to the list....  Regarding your problem, easy fix....  Get your ten
bucks, go to the dealer and get the plastic "spacing sleeves" for the ABS
sensors, believe they're 1.80 ea andthey go on the end of the sensor itself.
 Then, pull each sensor and put this spacer on and put back into the hub till
the plastic feet just touch the driveshaft splines, this procedure is to
insure that all the sensors are far enough away from the splines, but close
enough to get a reading...  The abs self diag circuit is very sensitive, if
the sensors are too far away (sounds like the prob) you will get the error...
 Now if you happen to put the sensor too close (sensor tip is gettting ground
by the shaft) you might need to get another new sensor, hope not...  The
other thing I noticed is that the splines should be clean, they weren't on my
86 so the abs didn't reference a impending lockup...  Pulling the hub off and
cleaning the splines did the trick...  Look for where the allen screw was
when you first took off the sensor, try to put the sensor back at that point,
its a good place to start.  Good luck....

87 5ktqRS2   320hp
86 5ktq  stock