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Re: Brake pads for Teves(ATE) & Girling Calipers are they the same?

On Sun, 19 Mar 1995, Anita Yat Man Chan wrote:

> Does anyone know the brake pads for Teves(ATE) & Girling Calipers are
> the same? My 85 5000s has Teves(ATE) calipers on the front and I just
> bought a set of brake pads for it from the dealer, I notice on the back
> of pads they all had the name 'Girling' on them. I also notice when I 
> called several parts stores for pads' price that no one actually asked
> me about what kind of calipers are on the car.


	My ITM catalogue (Repco) only distinguishes between build dates, 
and turbo/non-turbo, and Quattro/FWD, which probably corresponds to 
caliper changes.  If you tell me what year/model, I can tell you what 
pads to get.  I can get them too, but that has to go private email.  
Don't want any flames here.

 Graydon D. Stuckey

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