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Re: Audi sighted in Seattle

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  Better be careful here before jumping to conclusions......the car in
  question can't be both a "GT" and a "Coupe Quattro". This can be
  confusing because the ur-Q, or 82-85 US-spec "Quattro Coupe" does use the
  rear panel from the Coupe GT that says "Coupe GT".....more info on the
  car in question is needed, like did it have the WIDE fenders???


  ========== On Mon, 20 March 1995 - quattro-owner wrote: ==========

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John Eickerman -- jke@halcyon.com wrote:-

I was just driving around, and came upon a good looking GT Quattro Coupe.
Would this be considered a UrQuattro?  It was the same arrest-me-red as
mine, and sure would look good parked to my 4000CSQ.

This is most definitly not an Ur-Quattro;
its like calling a VW Polo a Porsche.

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